E-resource center

In today’s era of advanced technology, the methods of learning and teaching both have been changed. The uses of electronic media and internet have made the learning more advanced and easy to understand. Chalk and board method of teaching has its own advantage. Simultaneous use of advanced methods like power-point presentations, video lectures, video conferences etc have added the prosperity to audio visual learning methods.

The goal of the E-resource Centre is to compile the all knowledge documents and made available at the place, which is accessible to everyone at anytime from anywhere and thus contributing to create a knowledge environment.

The objective of this section is to make available such resource materials to the faculty members, Post-Graduate students of Community Medicine, Colleagues working in the field of Public Health and general public as well. This content can be stand as landmark while preparing for undergraduate/postgraduate lectures to the faculties and for exam/knowledge purpose to the PGs. The e-resource centre stands on the principle of the collectivism and volunteerism. We wish that by your support and active contributions this section can be rich and useful to people working in the field of PSM/CM/PH.   

Content provided in this section of IAPSM GC will be useful to not only the undergraduates and post graduate students but also to the faculties of community medicine. It can be accessed through search button in Presentation and Picture In PSM sections. Video lecture section is under compilation, while Guidelines, Legislations and Policies Documents can be directly downloaded.  

Presentations :

PowerPoint is a widely used presentation programme and has commonplace in the world of educational technology. Appropriate use of PowerPoint can enhance the teaching and learning experience for both faculties and students.

Power point presentation has many advantages like, it engages multiple learning styles, increase the visual impact, improves audience focus, provide explanation and highlights etc. These have become general needs especially for Medical education field.

So many learned senior faculties from the field of Community Medicine /Public Health have taken painstaking efforts to prepare such presentations on various topics which include almost all minute  details relevant to same. These can be helpful to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Community Medicine. Such meticulously organized study material will also be helpful to faculties as guideline while preparing for UG teaching as well as for self up gradation of knowledge.

In this section of e-resource, power point presentations on various topics prepared by learned faculties from state/national levels are compiled with due acknowledgement.

PSM In Picture :  

"A picture is worth a thousand words".

This well known proverb tells the power of the picture.  For better understanding and expression we must acquire the power of picture. In this particular section it is envisaged that that available pictures, diagrams, schematic diagrams, flow charts, illustration, photos, drawings etc. in the PSM subject may be compiled and made available as an image library. 

Any of the faculty members can send such study material to the following mail id: resource.iapsmgc@gmail.com for wider circulation and better utilization to the peers. Suggestions are also requested for displayed material.

The resource materials are used from the colleagues who have willingly shared, available on internet or circulated in workshops etc. The objective of sharing resource is purely academic and non commercial.  As PSM subject is constantly evolving and many new updates happening, there are the chances that resource materials contain older information. Hence users are advised to use their discretions about such information. Feed back from the users on the same will be greatly appreciated as it will help us in keeping  e-resource centre updated