Post Graduate Certificate Course in Health System and Management

Health System and management:

It is felt that inspite of presence of good technical expertise, well designed programs and huge network of the health system, desired impact could not be achieved. Ineffective as well as inefficient management of the health system is reflected in underperformance of system and delayed or non-achievement of goals of programs.

Role of Health care services is getting prominence as large number of environmental and social factors are addressed adequately. A sound Health Care System and effective Health Care Delivery are the key determinant in modern days.

Quality of services provided is an important factor in determining the utilization of available health care  services. It is not the lack of competence of service providers but poor management & administration of health services is responsible for the poor quality of health services. The lack of parallel improvement in managerial skills of public health professionals along with several new programs being implemented will only make the problem more severe.

Health system & its management is relatively untouched subject by medical professionals involved in public health. Need of the hour is that public health professionals need to have good administrative insight and managerial skills. Post  Graduate Certificate in Health System and Health Management course IAPSM-GC is an attempt to develop the capacity & capability of health professionals for a better management & administration of health system.

Post Graduate Certificate in Health System & Management (PGCHSM) Course:

An six months Post Graduate Certificate in Health System & Management (PGCHSM) Course by Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine. First batch was initiated in April 2013.


PGCHSM is aiming to develop comprehensive knowledge and skills of students in the Health system and Management.


1. To equip students with an overall perspective on Health System

2. To improve leadership skills in public health and create good Health managers.

3. To inculcate  interdisciplinary approach to problem solving skills in public health

Specific Learning Objectives

The students should:

1. Have idea about evolution of public health in India and Global context.

2. Deep insight about observations and recommendations by various Health Committees.

3. Develop the understanding about primary health care.

4. Describe Health Systems (Structure and function ).

5. Understand role of health System in providing promotive, preventive & curative services.

6. Study & evaluate health related policies & legislations, programs

7. Critically review design and implementation of various National Health Programmes (NHPs) and National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

8. Develop logical thinking and problem solving skills, in public health management

9. Develop leadership skills & better management of the human resource.

10. Analyze and interpret available data at district, state and national level

11. Develop the  understanding about the health economic and finance.

12. Manage machine & materials effectively with the use of managerial principles.

13. Know the available resources & design strategies for their effective use.

14. Better monitor and control the public health related activities, projects, programs.

15. Design projects, for improvement in health system in different settings;

16. Develop strategies for better implementation of national health programs

Principles of Learning:

This course is a distance learning course where student are given literatures in orderly schedule for self reading and preparing  monthly assignments. At the end of course, there will be terminal assessment along with project works for securing the certificate.

The principles used are to..

·         Impart teaching in structured schedule in logical order.

·         Develop reasoning power and logical thinking in Health system related issues.

·         Build problem based and application oriented competences.

Salient features of the PGCHSM:

1.       It is a distance learning course.

2.       PGCHSM is package expanded over the period of six months.

3.     Health System including Primary Health Care, Health planning, policies, programs, Health Management, Leadership, Human Resource, Finance, Material Management and Monitoring &evaluation are the core areas in the course.

4.     The learning activities progress from knowledge gaining to development of skill in analysis, logical thinking, and reasoning power to problem solving.

5.     On successful completion of course student will receive the Post Graduate Certificate in Health System & Management.

6.     Self study and preparing assignment, carrying out exercises and projects, i.e. a practicum experience and a capstone exercise will be the principal principles of the learning.

7.     Monthly literature for self study is shared. Students will have to read the self study literatures as per the schedule and submit the assignments as per the timeline. By and large, PG will have to prepare around than 20 assignments in six month period. PG will receive comments on structured evaluation from two senior faculties for each assignment.

8.     Two contact sessions of three days were held in form of workshop(s) during course period. These sessions had minimal lectures and maximum discussion on queries, case studies and difficult issues etc. Participation in interactions sessions was optional; however each contact session carried credits.

9.     A comprehensive objective test and oral examination will be carried out as a terminal evaluation in the month of December 2013.

10.   Candidate will get the course wise total credit based on the assignments and course ending evaluation. Every fortnight delay in submission beyond deadline will attract 5 % penalty reduction from the score attained for assignment.

11.   Entire PGCHSM contains 100 credits. A credit for each course is fixed. It is expected that candidate has to secure 40% of credit for clearing the individual Unit as well as entire Course

Course Structure:

The course is having different units and runs over a period of 6 months commencing on the 1st of April 2013 year. Over all, PGCHM is having four important pillars.

1.       Seven units & assignments preparation

2.       Project Work

3.       Contact Programs (Two)

4.       Terminal Evaluation.

The summing up and self-assessment exercises will be given at the end of the chapter for quick assessment by the learner. Case studies have also been included at relevant points so as to relate the concepts with real situations. The exercises have been developed so that the learners can apply the knowledge into workplace settings. Students will be getting credits for each assignment which will be cumulated for the each unit.