List of Suggested Books

A)    Comprehensive Community Medicine books (As warm up):  

  1. Public Health and Preventive Medicine - "The RED BOOK", By AFMC, Pune in Collaboration with WHO India Office,New Delhi. 
  2. Park J E & K. Park, Text Book of P & S.M., M/S Banarsidas Bhanot, Jabalpur
  3. Textbook of Community Medicine: Preventive and Social Medicine, by Sunderlal
  4. Maxcy Rosenau John M. Last, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, McGraw-Hill Medical; 15 edition
  5. Oxford Textbook of Public Health by  from Oxford University Press, USA 
  6. The Theory and Practice of Public Health by William Hobson from Oxford Med. Publication
  7. Mahajan B K and M.C. Gupta, Text Book of P & S.M., Jaypee Publications
  8. Text book of PSM,by Piyush Ghai
  9. Foundation of Community Medicine. CM Dhaar, Rubbani
  10. Community Medicine (With Recent Advances) by Suryakantha AH, Jaypee Publications
  11. A Comprehensive textbook of Community Medicine, Mathur
  12. Principles & Practice of Community Medicine, Asma Rahim, Jaypee Publications
  13. A text book of family medicine, by Ian k MC Whinnry
  14. Textbook of Community &  Social Pediatrics, SR Banerjee

B)    Basic Epidemiology :

1.      Mac, Mahon & Pugh, Epidemiology-Principles and Methods, Little Brown & Co. Boston, U.S.A.

2.      Epidemiology, by Leon Gordis, Elsevier Saunders publication

3.      Epidemiology: Concepts and Methods by William A. Oleckno

4.      Beaglehole R, Bonita R and Kjellstrom T. Basic Epidemiology, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1993.

5.      Last J M. A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 4th Edition, Oxford University Press, New York, US

6.      Modern Epidemiology, by Rothman, Kenneth J.; Greenland, Sander; Lash, Timothy L. Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

7.      Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology by Johan Giesecke

8.      Hospital Epidemiology & Infection control, Williams & Wilkins

9.      Primer of Epidemiology, Friedman

10.  Clinical Epidemiology Hayens, Sackett

11.  Epidemiology & Management for health care for all, P.V Sathe, A.P Sathe

12.  Practical Epidemiology, Barker, Hall

13.  A Short introduction to Epidemiology, Wellington 2005

14.  Mawner & Kramer, Epidemiology: An Introductory Text, 1985, W.B. Saunders Co.

Barker D J P, Practical Epidemiology, Churchill Livingstone

C)    Bio Statistics & Research :

1.      Bradford Hill, Principles of Medical Statistics, The Lancet Ltd. No. 7 Adam Street, Adelphine , London, 1967

2.      Medical Statistics: A Textbook for the Health Sciences By Michael J. Campbell, David Machin, Stephen John Walter

3.      Methods in Biostatistics   for Medical Student and Research Workers by B. K. Mahajan,  Jaypee Brothers, New Delhi, India.

4.      Indrayan A, Satyanarayana L, Biostatistics for MBBS, PG Entrance and USMLE. 1st Edition, Academe Publishers, Delhi, 2003.

5.      Sample Size Determination in Health Studies, A practical Manual, S.K. Lwanga, &

            S. Lemeshow, WHO, Geneva, 1991.

6.      Basic Methods of Medical Research: A Indrayan, AITBS Publishers India,

7.      An introduction to Biostatistics, Sunder Rao/Richard

8.      Statistics for management, Levin, Rubin

D)    Health Management :

  1. John J. Hanlon, Public Health Administration and Practice, MOSBY
  2. Hospital & Nursing Homes Planning, Organization & management, Tabish
  3. Health care system & management, S L Gohel
  4. Essentials of management, Massie
  5. Medical record organization & management, Mogli
  6. Hospital administrator, M A George
  7. Hospital administration, Francis
  8.  Primary Health Care Management Advancement Series by Aga Khan Foundation

E)    Nutrition :

  1. Robert S. Goodheart Maulice E.Shills, Modern Nutrition in Health, K. M. Varghese & Co.,
  2. Manual of nutrition therapeutics: Alpers, Stenson & Blier
  3. Human nutrition & dietetics, Garrow James
  4. Protein energy malnutrition, Arnold
  5.  Dietary Guidelines for Indians by National Institute of Nutrition, India

F)     Committee Reports & Policy Documents :

1.      Bhore Committee Report (1946) Health Survey and Development Committee, Govt. of India, Delhi.

2.      Mudaliar Committee Report (1961) Health Survey and Planning Committee, Govt. of India, Delhi.

3.      Shrivastav Report (1974), Health Services and Medical Education - A programme for immediate action, Group on Medical Education and Support Manpower, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

4.      ICSSR/ICMR (1981), Health for All - An alternative strategy - Report of a Joint Study group of ICSSR/ICMR, Indian Institute of Education, Pune.

5.      National Health Policy, (2002) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi.

6.      Compendium of Recommendations of various committees on Health and Development (1943 - 1975), Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (1985) Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Planning, New Delhi.

G)   Others : 

1.      Hunter's Diseases of Occupations, Edited by P.A.B Raffle, P.H. Adams, P.J. Baxter and W.R. Lee Edward Arnold Publishers (1994),  Great Britain.

2.      National health programmes of India , J. Kosher

3.      Kishore J, A Dictionary of Public Health, Century publications, New Delhi, 2003.

4.      Taneja D K. Health Policies and Programmes in India. 5th Ed, Doctors

Publication Delhi 2005

5.      Report of National Family Health Survey III, Indian Institute of Population Science, Mumbai

6.      Diagnosis and management HIV / AIDS, Baveja

7.      Text book of Entomology. By Mathur

8.      Social Research methods, Doolej 3rd edition

9.      A Review of Preventive and Social Medicine by Chandrakant lahariya

H)    All Health related policy documents of India

I)       All operational and training modules of all Health Programs

J)      Technical Report Series of WHO

K)    Weekly Epidemiological Report of W.H.O.

L)     CD Alerts, NICD, New Delhi