Career Scopes for Community Medicine Expert

Experts from the field of PSM/SPM/CM contribute in the field as different six most common practice as shown below.

  1. Consultant to /International Agencies
  2. Consultant to  State/National Government or organization
  3. Medical Teacher
  4. Researcher
  5. Health Manager
  6. Private Consultant

1. Consultant to International Agencies:  

PSM experts working as a consultant/officer in international agencies provides technical support in the field to the organizations, Government and Non Government in health service delivery, monitoring and evaluation. Also they are involved in framing the Health policy at international and international level.

2. Consultant to Government Agencies:

Under various health programs and health mission, PSM experts are serving as a consultant in National and State Government organizations. The experts are acting epidemiologist or public health experts who provide technical insight and support to the health managers who are delivering the various health services and implementing health programs.

3. Medical Teacher:

Serving as a teacher in the various medical college were they are contributing in the development of a well-rounded (holistic) medical professional, who will demonstrate knowledge and competence with compassion in dealing with primary health care, desire for lifelong learning, evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary team work, and professional and ethical behavior in practice in order to improve and sustain the health of the population.

4.  Health Researcher:

PSM experts contribute in two areas i.e. technical and operational as a scientist. In technical field they contribute in developing further knowledge and better understanding about the health through generating newer evidences. In the field of operational areas they help in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of health system through contributing by community diagnosis, situation analysis, health need assessment, gap analysis, monitoring and evaluation etc.

5. Health Managers:

In the health system from district to national level for implementation of the National Health Programs and deliverance of various health services different  cadres of the managers are present in Government health set up. PSM experts with good managerial skills are contributing as a manager at middle and higher level manager. They as a health manager to use their vision, wisdom and energy in effective and efficient implementation of the health program/services.

Also many PSM experts are serving as a manager in large projects being implemented by the NGOs or international agencies.

6. Private Consultants:

Recently very few but increasing PSM experts started practicing as a private preventive medical consultant. Many PSM experts by gaining additional clinical experience in the fields of cardiology, oncology, pediatric etc. establish themselves as preventive consultant on particular specialized field. 

Also some PSM experts practice as a private health consultant who extends their consultancy to the NGOs, Government Organization and private health care & research institutes. Such consultancy is mainly designing the projects/program, monitoring and evaluation of the projects/program, capacity building of the health care providers etc.