How to be members

A member of IAPSM - GC shall have to be a member of IAPSM.

Eligibility for Membership:

  1. All existing members of IAPSM who are currently stationed in Gujarat.
  2. All recent & past teachers/experts of Preventive & Social Medicine, Social & Preventive Medicine / Community   Medicine and allied subjects.
  3. Those having or   pursuing Post-Graduate Qualification in PSM such as MD, DPH, DIOH, DIH, etc.
  4. Other than stated 1, 2 & 3, those persons who are interested in the objectives of IAPSM -GC can be enrolled as member subject to the approval of GBM.

A person who becomes member of IAPSM - GC shall not continue the membership of any other state chapters of IAPSM.

Procedure for taking membership:
Those desirous of becoming members, have to fill up and submit the form to the national body along with the prevailing fees.

Membership Fee:
Curently Life memmbership Fees is Rs.4000/- and annual/ordinary membership is not given.