CHAPTER 1 :Terminologies in Health
CHAPTER 2 :Concept of Health
CHAPTER 3 :Evolution of Public Health
CHAPTER 4 :Various Health Committees
CHAPTER 5 :International Health Agencies
CHAPTER 6 :Concept of Primary Health Care
CHAPTER 7 :Concept of Primary Health Care
CHAPTER 8 : Five Year Plans  

MODULE 2 : Health System & Health care delivery

Chapter 1: Health Policy
Chapter 2: Health Legislations
Chapter 3: Health Indicators
Chapter 4: Introduction To Quality Of Health Care
Chapter 5: Introduction To Health Programs
Chapter 6: Introduction To Health System In India - Government Set – Up A B C

MODULE 3 : Health Management – Basic of Management & Planning

Chapter 1: Concepts, Definitions, Principles And Functions Of The Management
Chapter 2: The Management Process The Management Process

Chapter 3: Management Techniques
Chapter 4: Strategic Management 

MODULE 4 : Organization & Human Resource Management   

Chapter 1:  An Introduction To Human Resources In Health
Chapter 2: Human Resources Development
Chapter 3: Managers: Level, Role & Skills
Chapter 4: Manager As A Leader
Chapter 5: Organization
Chapter 6: Communication, Co-Ordination And Control In Health

MODULE 5 : Machines & Material management

Chapter 1: Inventory Control
Chapter 2: Inventory Procurement
Chapter 3: Techniques of Inventory Control
Chapter 4: Material Management

MODULE 6 : Finance Management


MODULE 7 :  Monitoring and Evaluation in Health System

One of the coolest trips I ever did  during these (nearly) 11 years of Fratello writings was one in May 2011. At the time, Fratello  was not designed to show and host huge photo reports but that has changed along the way. So I did only a small write-up and only shared a couple of photos with readers. However, last week I was thinking about all these trips I have made and Capri in Italy is the one that  especially at the time stood out for me