Dissertations Done in Recent Past

Department of Community Medicine,  GMC, Surat

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Topic of Dissertation

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Exploration of source & modes of transmission of HIV in Pre-ART registered at New Civil Hospital Surat among youth (15-24 yrs) &  their sexual debut.

Dr. Sonal  Dayama

Dr. JK Kosambiya



Evaluation study of STD clinics at UHTC run by SMC

Dr. Bansari Chawada

Dr. JK Kosambiya



Strengthening of PHC and establishment that it can reduce load on tertiary care.

Dr. Birendra Singh

Dr. S L Kantharia



A study of profile of hearing loss of patient attending tertiary care centre in South Gujarat

Dr. Hiteshree C. Patel

Dr. Mohua Moitra



To create awareness in Community regarding sickle cell anemia in Surat District

Dr. Chintan L. Gamit

Dr. S L Kantharia



Evaluation of promotion of IMNCI services in Surat District

Dr. Devang  Jariwala

Dr. Naresh Godara



Geriatric mental health Well Being

Dr. Shailee Vyas

Dr. Mohua Moitra



Impact of supplementary nutrition at Anganwadis on Physical Growth of Under Five Children in Jhagadia Block of Bharuch District

Dr. Anas Patni

Dr. Abhay Kavishvar



Difference in level of acceptance of contraceptives between male & female in Surat City

Dr. Ketan Parmar

Dr. S L Kantharia



Violence & Vulnerability keeping: Female Sex Workers (FSWs) Safe,  an epidemiological Study among FSWs of Surat City

Dr. Sweta Panchal

Dr. JK Kosambiya



A Study of indicators of RNTCP in Gandhinagar District during the year 2004-2007 & the factors responsible for defaulter in one of the TB unit (Manasa) of it.

Dr. Shailesh Anand

Dr. S L Kantharia



Socio demographic profile of Agaria worker in Santalpur Block of Patan District in North Gujarat

Dr. Alpesh Salvi

Dr. Abhay Kavishvar



A study of socio-demographic profile of patients undergoing cataract surgery at NCH, Surat and post surgery complications

Dr. Naveen Havale

Dr. Mohua Moitra



The study of unit cost of successful treatment of confirmed cases of Leptospirosis

Dr. Sridhar RP

Dr. S L Kantharia



The epidemiological study of STD syndrome in FSW of Surat city

Dr. Hinal Baria

Dr. JK Kosambiya



Prospective Study to Understand association between maternal age & Infant Health Outcome among deliveries at smaller town Hospitals of southern Gujarat during Aug-Sept 2009.

Dr. Nitin Solanky

Dr. Abhay Kavishvar



An epidemiological Study to determine the factors / barrier affecting the adherence of ART among the patients on ART at  ART center, NCH Surat

Dr Shailesh Prajapati

Dr. S L Kantharia



Epidemiological study of HIV/STI prevalence & Sexual behaviour in female workers of textile industries in Surat City

Dr Binita Desai

Dr. J K Kosambiya



Study of prevalence of HIV and various health indicators among children born to HIV positive mother in Surat city

Dr Priti Solanky

Dr. Mohua Moitra



Case control study to determine risk factors associated with the occurrence of Urinary Calculi

Dr Rakesh Bansal

Dr Abhay Kavishvar



Evaluation of Care providers (Public and Private), assessment of patients and Community about Tuberculosis and its management and explore the training needs of Private practitioners about management of Tuberculosis patients in Surat city.

Dr Manish Rana

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



A study of reproductive health profile and health seeking behaviour of Anganwadi workers of Surat city

Dr Anjali Modi

Dr Mohua Moitra



A population based study to compare the caesarean rates in the rural and urban areas of Surat, Gujarat

Dr Dhaval Mahadevwala

Dr. Pradeep Kumar



To explore the risk factors for acquisition of leptospirosis, in Surat city, after flood.

Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj

Dr. J K Kosambiya



A study of malaria case profile attending Malaria Laboratory, NCHS

Dr Jitendra Patel

Dr Vikas K Desai



Approaching Community Through School Children for Surveillance of Sickle cell Anaemia

Dr. Bipin Vasava

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



An Epidemiological Study of STIs Among Commercial Sex workers of Surat City

Dr. Seema Patel

Dr Vikas K Desai



Impact of practical training of breast feeding mothers on weight gain of babies born at NCH Surat

Dr. Mamta Verma

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



An epidemiological study Of Infants and Maternal death from a Tribal dominated taluka of south Gujarat

Dr. Amul Patel

Dr. Pradeep Kumar



Health Profile and Domestic Environment of Under Five Children in Surat City

Dr. Vipul Chaudhari

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



An epidemiological study of hypertension among bank employees of Surat city

Dr. Irfan Momin

Dr Vikas K Desai



Stigma and Discrimination Related to HIV/ AIDS in the Health Care sector in Surat City

Dr. Bharat Patel

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



An Epidemiological study of the profile of MTP acceptors at New civil Hospital, Surat

Dr. Chirag Shah

Dr. Pradeep Kumar



A study of assessment of  Morbidity among infants as per the IMNCI approach & knowledge and practices of service and care providers in Surat urban slums under ICDS

Dr. Alok Ranjan

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



A study of the profile of the VCTC attendees at New Civil Hospital, Surat

Dr. Kallol Mallik

Dr. J K Kosambiya



Evaluation of Medical Certification of cause of death

Dr. Bhavin Solanki

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



A study of male perception about family planning in Bardoli taluka, Surat district

Dr. Harshad Patel

Dr. Pradeep Kumar



A study of magnitude, degree and type of hearing problem among elderly people residing in old age homes of Surat district.

Dr. Naimesh Kapadia

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



Breast feeding practices in urban slums of Surat city

Dr. Deepak Saxena

Dr. S L Kantharia



A study on influence of maternal nutrition on foetal outcome with special reference to Vitamin

Smt. Khushman Dholaria

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



Study of contribution of food fluoride in fluoride toxicity in human beings

Dr. Bhavana Gajjar

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



Health profile of students in a girls school in Surat city with special emphasis on ophthalmic morbidities

Dr. Mausumi Bose

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



An  epidemiological study of inmates of old age homes of south Gujarat and the assessment of their  mental health

Dr. Anish Sinha

Dr. Pradeep Kumar



A study of iodine deficiency disorders in Valsad district, Gujarat

Dr. Divyang Oza

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



A study of health  and Nutritional status of under five children of Valsad district

Dr. Hitesh shah

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



A study of laboratory diagnosis of malaria  in public and private sector, Surat city

Dr. Shankar Matta

Dr. S.L. Kantharia



Assessment of risk factors, scrutiny of discharged cases and evaluation of  ongoing leptospirosis activity in Chikhli taluka, District Navsari, Gujarat

Dr. Pankaj Mishra

Dr. Ratan K. Srivastava



Situational  analysis of Maternal and childhood  services of SMC in Surat city

Dr. Rashmi Sharma

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



A study of incidence of measles and the impact assessment of the mass measles vaccination campaign in slums of Surat city.

Dr. Smita Kapadia

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



Study of malaria services provided by Surat Municipal Corporation

Dr.V.B. Raghuvanshi

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



Clinical predictors of Malaria in residents of urban slums

Dr. Pritu Dhalaria

Dr. Ratan. K. Srivastava



Epidemiological study of Fluorosis in Sidhpur taluka of Mehsana District

Dr. A.B. Kavishwar

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



An epidemiological study of Road Traffic accidents in Surat city

Dr. M.H. Mehta

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



An epidemiological study of distribution of blood pressure in primary school going children (Aged 10 yrs. and above)

Dr. H.G. Thakor

Dr. Pradeep Kumar



Epidemiological study of Endemic Fluorosis in Mandvi taluka of Surat District

Dr. A. K. Gohil

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



Skin morbidities amongst residents of industrial township of Hazira, Surat

Dr. D.J. Golakia

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



A study of socio demographic profile and child and maternal health in union territory of Daman and Diu.

Dr. S. S. Vaishya

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



An assessment of Rabies risk and control activity  in Surat city

Dr. I. C. Patel

Dr. Vikas K. Desai



The role of psychological stressors in epidemiology of hypertension

Dr. R.I. Parmar

Dr. V.S. Rawal



A study of demographic profile, infant health and survival in slums under UHC of Surat city

Dr. V. V. Parmar

Dr. Vikas K. Desai

Dept. of Community Medicine, SMIMER, Surat

Sr No.


Topic of Dissertation

PG Student

PG Guide


2009- 2010

Practices adopted by Private Obstetrician for Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission in Surat city

Dr. Shaishav Panchal

Dr. A. B. Pawar


2009- 2010

Consequences of Disclosure of HIV Status

Dr. Sushil Patel

Dr. R. K. Bansal


2008- 2009

A study on the effectiveness of the interventions provided to antenatal mothers and their children for the prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT) in PPTCT centres of Surat city.

Dr. Grishma Jansali

Dr. Anupam Verma


2007 - 2008

A study of the health and morbidity profile, sexual and reproductive morbidity, health care seeking behaviour and lifestyle of MSM

Dr. Mukesh kumar

Dr. R. K. Bansal


2007- 2008

A study of the  morbidity, health profile, lifestyle, sexual behaviour and risk of contracting of STIs, HIV among the long distance truck crew

Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay

Dr. A. B. Pawar


2006- 2007

Socio-Demographic and Health Profile of the Aged People in Slums of the City of Surat

Dr. N. C. Jain

Dr. A. B. Pawar


2006- 2007

A Study of the Street Children in the City of Surat

Dr. N.B. Patel

Dr. R. K. Bansal