NINAD Oration :

NINAD oration is conferred to a senior person from the field of PSM/CM/Public Health as a recongnization to his/her contributions in the field of PSM/Community Medicine/Public Health. The oration is conferred every two yearly. The oratior is honored in the Annual conference of IAPSM-GC. During the same orator delivers his/her oratoary speech to the gathered members of the IAPSM-GC and participatns of conference.

The oration is named after four eminent teachers of the PSM to honor their dedication, hard works and committments toward the discipline. The word NINAD is formed from the letters of the names of these teachers;  Dr. Niyogi A. K.,  Dr. N. R. Mehta, Dr. A. N. Bhatt, &  Dr. D.H.Trivedi. NINAD is a sanskrit word and its meaning is Sound, Voice. NINAD oration represents the voice on PSM/CM/PH.

Till date, seven subject experts ar conferred NINAD  oration.