Based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb, Paths of Glory is best described as a study of the brutality (and psychological toll) of war. Set in the trenches of World War I, Kirk plays French officer Colonel Dax, who is ordered to lead his troops on a suicidal mission. When a section of his regiment refuses to continue, three men are chosen at random and charged with cowardice as an example to the rest of the troops. As a former defense attorney, Dax elects himself to defend his men in a formal hearing. However, just like his men, Dax soon discovers that he may be fighting a losing battle. True to Kubrick's style, Paths of Glory is full of memorable and striking visuals. Filmed entirely in Bavaria, Germany, the movie was considered very controversial in much of Europe due to its "unflattering" portrayal of the French military, as well as, its anti war message. The film, actually, wasn't shown in Spain, France, Germany, or Switzerland until years after its release (Germany merely pushed back the release for 2 years, while France, Switzerland, and Spain did not release the film until 1975, '78, and '86, respectively). However, Winston Churchill characterized this film as accurate portrayal of trench warfare and the occasionally misguided workings of the military mindset.

  1. To improve the standards of teaching of disciple of Preventive and Social Medicine at all levels  
  2. To promote research in the specialty of the Preventive & Social Medicine and effective application of the knowledge acquired in teaching, training, research & services
  3. To develop co-operation in teaching, training, research and services between the   Departments of Preventive & Social Medicine of various Medical Colleges/ Institutions of Gujarat state.
  4. To facilitate co-ordination between the Departments of Preventive & Social Medicine and other Departments of Medical colleges/ Institutions & Health agencies / Organizations.
  5. To promote welfare to the member of IAPSM-GC.
  6. To  publish the Jounral