MD (PSM/ Community Medicine) Course

MD (PSM/ Community Medicine) is a three years full time course to produce such an expert  for the country who can their duty as expected and thus can contribute to uplift the level of health of  community as a whole. MD (PSM) curriculum constitutes four areas:

  1. Theoretical knowledge,
  2. Basic Clinical and Practical skills (managerial skills)
  3. Research Skills
  4. Leadership attitude including communication skills

The academic departments of PSM/ Community Medicine imparting the teaching to its disciple so as to produce the competent specialist by attaining goal and objectives mentioned herewith so that the disciple after successfully completion of the PG study he may carry out the desired role effectively.


The disciple shall acquire the understanding and skill in community medicine and develop the quality of leadership so that s/he becomes an expert and  function effectively as Community Physician, Public Health Specialist, Health Manager, Faculty and/or Researcher in the field of Community Medicine (Preventive & Social ).


Acquainted Following Knowledge:

  • Basic principles of General Epidemiology, Bio Statistics, Research Methodology and Health Management.
  • Health environment, Medical Sociology, Nutrition & Health Communication.
  • On Public health problems prevailing in the globally in general and in India in particular.
  • Health care delivery system including rehabilitation of the disabled in the country. (Comprehensive health care)  including the Health information system
  • Various National & State health policy, law, act and programs.

Develop Following Skills:  -

  • Develop epidemiological & analytical skill for interpreting the health information so as to be able to generate evidences and deduce inferences useful in community medicine
  • Managerial skills so as to understand the designing of health care services & program, policy formation, and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the various health care services including health program.
  • Develop Research skill in the field of health, and health management to general evidences and new knowledge in the field of community medicine. 
  • Communication skill so that s/he is able to interact with people from a wide range from community to policy makers by uses of different principles and methods of communication.