Roadmap of PG Study

The disciple will be  assigned one PG teacher as a guide and in the university he/she be registered under that particular PG teacher. Though the disciple will be registered in a particular teacher, s/he has to seek guidance from all the teachers of the department. Disciple must have computer skills for the office use and presentation.

Broad roadmap for PG study is as below.  

First year:

  1. It is expected that the disciple of community medicine should develop in depth understanding about basic sciences and overall understanding of the all topics covered under the MD curriculum during first year of the study.

  2. Within the first three month of the joining dissertation topic should be finalized in consultation with PG teacher.Most of the review of literature should be compiled and collection of the data for the dissertation should have been be started by the end of first year. 

  3. Good knowledge and working skill for basic computer softwares is essential. 

  4. One to two months posting at PHC in break up to understand the health delivery and various health programs.  

Second Year:

  1. In depth learning of the applied aspects of the basic sciences learnt during first year. 

  2. Collection and compilation  of data should be finished and report writing should be stared.

Third year:

  1. Within first three months desertion should have been finished.

  2. .Recent advances & current issues should also be focused. 

  3. Having passed two years in the department now the PG would be assigned advanced tasks.