Topic Prioritization Grid

For guidance to the disciple above topics are categorized in to three i.e. Vital, Essential & Desirable. It gives an idea about the priority a topic should be given while studying. Vital are most important and prime topics. The disciple is expected to acquire a deep knowledge and finest skill in these areas. Essentials topics are important topics, whose good knowledge as well working skills are . Desirable topics are not “optional” topics. Disciple has to have primary understanding and basic skill in these topics. Taking an active interest in each of these topics help to study the subject as a whole with ease rather than reading it as a burden. 

Vital Topics

Essential Topics

Desirable Topics

Basic Sciences

Health, Diseases in context of Community Medicine


Statistics & Research Methodology including statistical software.

Medical Entomology


Basic Epidemiology


Health Economic

Health Management


Health Environment (Environmental Epidemiology)

Medical Sociology & Social anthropology & Ecology


Health Communication


Specific Health Issues

Epidemiology of Communicable diseases

Occupational Health



Epidemiology of Non- communicable diseases

Disability & Physical handicap



Maternal & Child Health

Human Genetics


Demography& population control

Disaster Management



Geriatric Health



Adolescent Health


Applied Community Medicine

Outbreak Investigation and Epidemic Management.

Prevention & Control of Hospital Acquired Infection


Health care Delivery system

Hospital Waste Management


National Health Programme



Special Topics



Health Policies

Health Legislation and  laws


International & National Health Agencies

Health   Management Information System



Health Insurance



Use of computers in community medicine