A. Evolution of the Community Medicine (PSM) & its introduction 

B.  Basic Sciences of Community Medicine:

  1. Understanding Health and Diseases in context of Community Medicine
  2. Principles of Basic Epidemiology

  3. Basics of Biostatistics & Research Methodology including statistical software
  4. Basics of Nutrition
  5. Medical Sociology  including Social Anthropology & Ecology
  6. Health Environment (Environmental Epidemiology)
  7. Medical Entomology
  8. Principles of Health Communication
  9. Principles of Health Management including Health Economics

C.  Specific Health issues:

  1. Epidemiology of Communicable diseases of importance
  2. Epidemiology of Non communicable diseases of importance.
  3. Demography& population control
  4. Maternal & Child Health
  5. Occupational Health
  6. Disability & Physical handicap
  7. Human Genetics
  8. Adolescent Health
  9. Geriatric Health

D.   Application of Community Medicine:

  1. Outbreak Investigation and Epidemic Management.
  2. Health Care Delivery System
  3. National Health Programmes
  4. Disaster Management
  5. Hospital Waste Management including Hospital Acquired Infection

E.  Special Health Topics of importance:

  1. Health Policies
  2. Health Legislation and laws
  3. Health Management Information System
  4. Health Insurance
  5. International & National Health Agencies
  6. Use of computers in community medicine