E-Learning Resources

The following is a list of  Online Distance Learning Courses of Public Health & Preventive Medicine interest. The topics cover a wide range from Epidemiology,Statistics, Health Management, HIV, Maternal & Child Health, Nutrition, to Advance concepts in Management viz. Conflict Management, Change Management, and more. All the courses and sources listed here are available Free of Cost. Some of the organizations listed below may ask for a simple registration of the potential users. The registration processes are usually very simple and there lies interesting useful learning material past this step for an interested learner. One of the advantages with registration is that one can take a break in the middle of the course and when one returns, the  course will resume from where one had left off. These courses can work very good as add on to the instruction received at the individual departments for postgraduate students in Community Medicine.

OPENCOURSEWARE from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
This series provides access to content of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's most popular courses. It includes topics as Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Nutrition, Maternal & Child Health, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases, Adolescent Health, Chronic Diseases, Genetics, Health Policy and more.

TEPHINET  - Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Network
TEPHINET is a program from Center for Disease Control, USA which provides distance learning courses. The materials of the program are downloadable. One has to pass through a simple registration  process and sign in the website to have access to the courses. It provides interesting case studies, learning materials, discussion forums, research abstracts and presentations.

eLearning from Knowledge for Health
The Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project is a USAID funded Project that works to improve access to and sharing of global, regional, and country-specific public health knowledge, particularly about family planning and reproductive health and related issues. Here on this site they provide access to a number of on such health topics as maternal and child health, infectious diseases, gender, health systems, family planning/reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS. Learners can access these free online courses from any location to help meet their continuing education requirements, keep up with advances in the public health field, and learn how to apply evidence-based information in real-life situations.

E-learning short courses at the University of Albany School of Public Health
This E-Learning center from the School of Public Health, University at Albany offers courses mainly in Emergency Preparedness.

Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare: A Foundation for Action
This six-module web course has been created by the United States Cochrane Center. It is designed to help understand the fundamentals of evidence-based healthcare concepts and skills. The course aims to provide the learner with the tools they need to: Successfully navigate the world of medical information, critically appraise research studies, Influence the creation of responsible public policy in healthcare, and Help the people they serve to make healthcare choices based on the best available evidence. 

Ethics in Human Research
This online course on Ethics in Human Research titled ‘Protecting Human Research Participants’ is offered by the Office of Extramural Research, National Institute of Health (NIH), USA is one of the good courses among others available on this topic. It beautifully explains the concepts of Justice, Beneficence and Respect to the Human Research Participants with examples and case studies.

EBM PowerPoint Presentations
This is a compilation of PowerPoint slides from past workshops, training courses and conferences made available from the resource center of the Center for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford.